I have the exact same problem on one of my servers.
To be precise, no boot problem with Debian kernels up to 4.9.0-7 included. But I encounter the same issue whith 4.9.0-8 and 4.9.0-9 : a blank screen with a blinking cursor just after the 'Loading initial ramdisk ..." message.

What is really frustrating is that I couldn't find a way to have a message about what is happening. I tried all the 'break' parameter values on the kernel command line, I tried the debug parameter, I changed the rootdelay. Nothing but this blinking cursor.

The only workaround is acutally to remove firmware-misc-nonfree.
(I also try to use the backport version of this package with no luck...)

But this breaks some of the depencies of my setup, so I will just boot on 4.9.0-7 until this issue is solved.

I'll be very happy to help if you tell me how to generate any message during the boot.

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