Hello Ansgar,

On 5/17/19 4:14 AM, Ansgar wrote:
> On Sun, 2019-05-05 at 18:08 +0100, Rebecca N. Palmer wrote:
>> The fix was probably removing the line
>> -DOCC_INC:STRING="/usr/include/occt" \
>> from debian/rules (commit 3556b0a, but please don't include the 
>> reformatting), but I have not tested this.
> I tried and with this line removed gmsh builds again.  I'll ask the
> release team about t-p-u or reverting in unstable.
> Thanks for looking into the problem.
> Ansgar

Sorry for not addressing this sooner such that you needed to spend time
looking at it.  I was going to go ahead and do a +really upload with
this fix either today or this weekend, so it shouldn't be necessary for
you to spend any more time on it, unless you'd advise a different course
of action. (This is my first Debian release, BTW.)

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