Control: tags -1 moreinfo confirmed

Simon McVittie:
> Package:
> Severity: normal
> User:
> Usertags: unblock
> I would like to follow the dbus upstream 1.12.x stable branch in buster,
> like I did for 1.8.x in jessie and 1.10.x in stretch. I am an upstream
> maintainer and prepared all recent upstream releases.
> If the timing of this release is not suitable to make it into
> buster r0, it might be a good idea to backport the changes related to
> _dbus_rlimit_raise_fd_limit() (Debian bug #928877) as a patch, so that
> *those* can go into r0. As a result I haven't uploaded to unstable yet,
> to keep it possible to upload a backport via unstable if you'd prefer.
> Annotated diffstat for the attached diff, filtered with "filterdiff -p1
> --exclude=aclocal.m4 --exclude=build-aux/
> --exclude=configure --exclude='*/'
> --exclude=m4/libtool.m4":
> [...]
> Release preparation.
> Thoughts?
> Thanks,
>     smcv

Hi Simon,

I am ok with these changes on the premise that you are ready to promptly
rollback to the bare minimum changes in case of regressions (regardless
of whether we see them before or after the migration).

If you agree with this, please go ahead with the upload and remove the
moreinfo tag once it is ready to be unblocked.


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