On 2019-05-14 02:35, Guillem Jover wrote:
> Thanks for the detailed log! Ok, I think I've got a patch now, and it
> still passes the functional test suite. Would it be possible and easy
> to test that with the failing piuparts runs? Otherwise I'll try to


> setup some chroot somewhere to do that.
> I'm attaching the patch. Otherwise already built (and signed) binary
> packages can be temporarily found at:
>   <https://people.debian.org/~guillem/dpkg-triggers/>

It would have been even easier if you had added a Packages file to the
directory :-) (then I could have used it directly as an argument to the
--testdebs-repo option)

I've ran two piuparts tests upgrading from stretch to sid:
* with your new packages: success
* with what's in sid: failure

So your patch seems to fix this issue.


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