Hi Simon,

On 16-05-2019 22:35, Simon McVittie wrote:
>> mozjs60 has been fixed (and uploaded by you to unstable), if I am
>> correct to actually enable this bug to be fixed.
> Unfortunately not. mozjs60 was believed to have been fixed (jcristau
> NMU'd it to experimental, and I re-uploaded to unstable), but gnome-shell
> still FTBFS on s390x because all of its unit tests segfault. This reduces
> my already low level of confidence that gnome-shell can be usable on s390x.


> Sorry, I have had limited time for Debian recently due to IRL commitments,
> and couldn't justify spending any more of that time on debugging s390x
> issues.

No need to apologize, I trust you that you already spend too much time
on this issue.

> As it stands at the moment, GNOME Shell failing its tests and suffering
> FTBFS on s390x is not RC; and I would prefer not to take action to ignore
> the test failures and let it build anyway, because if we did that and it
> was later discovered not to *work* on s390x (which I suspect is the case),
> my understanding is that it would be considered a grave bug.
> I would feel a lot more confident about (a) mozjs working, and (b)
> this series of bugs not being entirely a waste of time and motivation,
> if someone with an interest in s390x had been involved somewhere along
> the way.

Here is my proposal. Let's tag this bug as buster-ignore and add a
section to the s390x version of the release notes that you can't install
the GNOME desktop on it, referencing this bug report. If anything
changes during the bullseye release cycle, such as follow-ups to this
report or other requests to fix the issue, we'll re-evaluate this then.


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