Dear Mathieu,
sorry for the late reply.
> Are you able to reproduce this bug on latest buster (2:4.9.4+dfsg-2 or -3)?
Yes, I still can reproduce it on latest buster with samba 2:4.9.5+dfsg-4 .

> If yes, can you provide your smb.conf?
However, now the bug seems to only show up if I set path=/ (and then of course 
first navigate to the tmp directroy in windows explorer) instead of path=/tmp 
in the [share] section of the smb.conf provided in my initial post. Again 
setting wide links = Yes and allow insecure wide links = Yes functionally 
helps, although this should not be necessary as even /tmp is an ordinary 
subdirectory of / and no different/mounted file system. (To get 100% sure of 
the latter I also created another top level directory /mytopdir next to /tmp 
with the same results.)
Thank you for your interest and help,

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