Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Josue Ortega <>

*Package name: python-dissonance
 Version: 0.34.3
 Upstream Author: Tarek Galal <>
*Licence: MIT
 Programming Language: Python
 Description: A python implementation for Noise Protocol Framework
 Dissononce is a python implementation for Noise Protocol Framework. A main 
goal of this project
 is to provide a simple, easy to read and understand practical reference for 
Noise enthusiasts,
 implementers and users. Therefore this project attempts to stick to the 
following guidelines:
    Syntax that resembles as closely as possible definitions and pseudo code 
mentioned in Noise Specs.
    As minimal python "magic" as possible (explicit is better than implicit).
    Code that is simple, easy to read, follow and understand.
    Flexibility to easily adopt future changes to Noise specifications.
    Deviations from Noise Specs (additions, opinionated specs and API 
        are isolated from original implementation/API    and are optional to 
    Deviations from Noise Specs do not influence adjustments to original 
implementation/API that conflict with Noise Specs.

 This is a new transitory dependency for the yowsup latest version, which is 
already in the archive.

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