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Hi there,

During a chat last at MiniDebConf Hamburg last week-end we (cryptsetup
package maintainers + KiBi + ivodd) discussed a path forward for #927165
(debian-installer: improve support for LUKS) in Buster.

In the cryptsetup side of thing, we produced an online document/guide/notes
on GRUB unlocking for both LUKS devices, including extra work-arounds for

The document isn't shipped to any of cryptsetup/2.1.0-5's binary packages,
because it'll likely be amended in later d-i Buster RCs (based on which
flag/workaround is implemented there), and shipping the document to our
binary packages would then require extra roundtrips and unblock requests.

Instead, we added a section "Unlocking LUKS devices from GRUB" to
README.Debian with a link to the aforementioned document [0].

The debdiff diffstat (without ‘--ignore-space’) between 2:2.1.0-4 and
2:2.1.0-5 goes as follows:

 README.Debian                |  196 ++++++++++++-----------
 README.debug                 |   71 ++++++++
 README.gnupg                 |   34 ++--
 README.gnupg-sc              |   36 ++--
 README.initramfs             |  148 ++++++++++--------
 README.keyctl                |   51 +++---
 README.opensc                |   99 +++++-------
 README.source                |    2 
 changelog                    |   12 +          |    1 
 doc/pandoc/ |  353 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 doc/pandoc/          |   24 ++
 doc/pandoc/pandoc.css        |   74 +++++++++
 gitlab-ci.yml                |   53 ++++++
 14 files changed, 894 insertions(+), 260 deletions(-)

There is a bit of clutter in the above:

  - New files gitlab-ci.yml and doc/pandoc/* are what let us build the
    docs for  These files are not shipped in any
    binary package.
  - Some minor cosmetic changes in README.* to comply with (Pandoc's)
    Mardown format.

Debdiff between 2:2.1.0-4 and 2:2.1.0-5 (with ‘--ignore-space’)
attached.  Again, the important bit for this unblock request is the new
section in README.Debian.  The remaining bits are documentation-only

unblock cryptsetup/2.1.0-5
Thanks for considering its inclusion in Buster!

[0] The new section in README.Debian can also be found online at

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