I'm here looking for opinions from debian-accessibility from people with
low vision.

Samuel Thibault, le lun. 10 juin 2019 22:02:05 +0200, a ecrit:
> > whenever i have to use the linux console, i have significant
> > neurological issues, due to the blinking cursor.
> Oh, I did not know that even just the blinking cursor could have an
> impact.
> > there is an ansi sequence that turns off blinking, but it
> > frequently gets reset again for unknown reasons.

We can probably try to change the default value in the kernel (it's
really not only about Debian), if it makes consensus that it doesn't
hurt most people. I guess the kernel uses a small blinking cursor by
default solely because that was the default VGA hardware parameter.

When looking around in xterms and such, I see that they are using by
default a blocked cursor. Xterms usually don't make it blink, I see only
Gnome-terminal making it blink by default.

A non-blinking small cursor would pose visibility problem, but perhaps a
non-blinking big cursor would be fine? (perhaps even more visible than
the current blinking small cursor?)


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