On 2019, ജൂൺ 10 11:33:29 PM IST, Paolo Greppi <paolo.gre...@libpf.com> wrote:
>If I build manually the UMD version using the same command as in
>NODE_PATH=debian/node_modules/ rollup -m -c debian/rollup-umd.js
>I get this:
>/home/paolog/Sviluppo/debian/vue-router.js/src/index.js →
>(!) Unresolved dependencies
>path-to-regexp (imported by src/util/params.js,
>(!) Missing global variable name
>Use options.globals to specify browser global variable names
>corresponding to external modules
>path-to-regexp (guessing 'Regexp')
>created dist/vue-router.js in 761ms
>so it is not bundling path-to-regexp, assuming it is available to the
>browser as Regexp which clearly is not the case.
>Following the advice from the rollup and rollup-plugin-node-resolve
>docs, I modified the rollup config like this:
>diff --git a/build/configs.js b/build/configs.js
>index f81ec3a..378437b 100644
>--- a/build/configs.js
>+++ b/build/configs.js
>@@ -36,11 +36,19 @@ module.exports = [
>    }
>  ].map(genConfig)
>+const resolve1 = require('rollup-plugin-node-resolve')
>  function genConfig (opts) {
>    const config = {
>      input: {
>        input: resolve('src/index.js'),
>        plugins: [
>+      require('rollup-plugin-node-resolve')({
>+        customResolveOptions: {
>+            moduleDirectory: ['/usr/lib/nodejs'],
>+            preferBuiltins: false
>+          }
>+        }),
>          flow(),
>          node(),
>          cjs(),
>Now the same command bundles path-to-regexp, so that the differences
>between the file generated in dist/vue-router.js
>and the one from  wget
>https://unpkg.com/vue-router@3.0.2/dist/vue-router.js are much less
>(mainly the differences between path-to-regexp 1.7.0 bundled by
>upstream and 3.0.0 bundled by us).
>Tomorrow I'll test the generated file inside laminar. If that works
>this is an acceptable solution.
>The last bit is to move this config change to debian/rollup-umd.js so
>that it does not impact all builds..

I think rollup-plugin-commonjs will also work without extra options, see 
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