Package: python-mode
Severity: normal


This is one of 3 packages in the archive that still depends on

I intend to have the pychecker package removed from unstable a little
while after buster is released.  Besides its lack of support for Python
3, pychecker has been completely unsupported upstream for close to a
decade.  It really should have been removed from the archive years ago.

Since you also suggest pylint, I suspect that you probably just need to
remove or disable the parts of python-mode that use pychecker, and then
remove the dependency.  Or perhaps you can just remove the dependency
and users will get an error if they try to use pychecker and it's not
installed.  (In any case, it's not likely that very many people use the
pychecker features these days.)

If you reply to this bug and let me know how you're intending to handle
this, I will hold off on removing pychecker from the archive until after
you're done with your work.  If I don't hear anything, then I'll move
forward and have the package removed sometime in late July.



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