Package: os-autoinst
Version: 4.5.1558612304.5975d15c-1
Severity: normal

Hi Hideki,

I just noticed that we have a wrapper for isotovideo, written in shell.

There are a few things wrong with it.

The main one being that it doesn't pass command-line parameters onto
isotovideo.real, so calling it with e.g. -d doesn't make any difference.

Additionally, OpenQA invokes isotovideo by explicitly calling perl,
which doesn't work so well with a shell script.

Also, looking for the FAQ that is supposedly the reason for the script
being there, it is no longer there, which suggests that the problem it's
fixing no longer exists.

That being the case, I think the right thing to do is to get rid of the
shell script, and see if anything breaks.

I'll do that shortly in git...

Cheers, Phil.
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