Package: wireguard
Version: 0.0.20190406-1

Hi maintainer,

The wireguard package has the following dependency:

  Depends: wireguard-dkms (= 0.0.20190406-1) | wireguard-modules (=
0.0.20190406-1), wireguard-tools (>= 0.0.20190406-1)

Because I don't want to install compilers everywhere, I created the
wireguard-modules package for my kernel, using dkms mkbmdeb.

The result is e.g...


...with version..


...which is not the same as 0.0.20190406-1.

So, the "| wireguard-modules" will never match, and it will always want
to drag in dkms.

Changing the ${source:Version} to ${source:Upstream-Version} for
wireguard-modules in debian/control helps, the resulting package will
depend on wireguard-modules (= 0.0.20190406).

As workaround I can right now just install wireguard-tools and not
wireguard, since -tools has a hardcoded dependency on (>= 0.0.20171001).

Hans van Kranenburg

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