Am 12.06.19 um 22:47 schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:
> [Michael Biebl]
>> If you know any modules besides libnss_nis and libnss_ldap, please let
>> us know.
> I do not _know_, but here is my best guess based on the output from
> 'apt-cache search libpam-', 'apt-cache search libnss-' and experience:
> libpam-heimdal
> libpam-krb5-migrate-mit
> libpam-krb5
> libpam-radius-auth
> libpam-python (depending on script used, know debian edu have such script)
> libpam-script (depending on script used)
> libpam-slurm
> libpam-sshauth
> libpam-winbind
> libnss-lwres
> libnss-mdns
> libnss-pgsql2 (depending on server location)
> libnss-winbind
> Might be useful to check those out.
> It is unclear to me if the login daemon in question uses the PAM system
> too.

I don't think libpam-* is relevant here.

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