Source: nageru
Version: 1.8.4-2
Tags: patch upstream
Usertags: ftcbfs

nageru fails to cross build from source, because meson refuses to run
the host binary bin2h. As it happens, bin2h is not installed by nageru.
Its behaviour is architecture-independent. For these reasons we can mark
it native. After doing so, nageru cross builds successfully. Please
consider applying the attached patch.

--- nageru-1.8.4.orig/shared/
+++ nageru-1.8.4/shared/
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@
    include_directories: top_include,
    link_with: [shared, protobuf_lib])
-bin2h = executable('bin2h', 'bin2h.cpp')
+bin2h = executable('bin2h', 'bin2h.cpp', native : true)
 bin2h_gen = generator(bin2h, \
   output    : ['@PLAINNAME@.cpp'],
   arguments : ['@INPUT@', '@PLAINNAME@', '@OUTPUT@'])

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