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retitle 931052 webkit2gtk not supported on non-sse2 i386 hardware
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Hi Alberto,

On 25-06-2019 10:04, Alberto Garcia wrote:
> Please unblock package webkit2gtk
> Upstream WebKitGTK has recently stopped supporting i386 CPUs without
> SSE2 extensions, as other browsers (Chromium, Firefox) already did a
> few years ago.
> There is at least one bug report (#930932, opened two days ago) from a
> user that cannot run Zenity on a machine with an Athlon XP CPU because
> of this, and some hours ago bug #930935 was filed against webkit2gtk.
> WebKit generates SSE2 instructions with its JIT compiler, and the
> build scripts also force gcc to pass the -msse2 compilation flags.
> This upload disables the JIT compiler and enables the CLoop JavaScript
> interpreter, which is slower but works on all CPUs. It also removes
> the gcc SSE2 flags. Only the i386 build is affected by these changes.
> Debdiff attached.
> Note: the changelog includes the list of CVEs from the latest security
> advisory, published shortly after the previous release. This is purely
> informative and has no effects on the package.
> unblock webkit2gtk/2.24.2-2

We like to support non-sse2 on i386, but we are not comfortable fixing
webkit2gtk at this stage of the release. Therefore, we will not unblock
this change, but we want the release notes to mention this, so users are


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