I found solution/workaround:
there is a parameter -j, which outputs to json format, so if you run nft with 
this parameter, you will get JSON formatted output.

nft -j list ruleset
{"nftables": [{"table": {"family": "inet", "name": "filter", "handle": 14}}, 
{"chain": {"family": "inet", "table": "filter", "name": "input", "handle": 1, 
"type": "filter", "hook": "input", "prio": 0, "policy": "accept"}}, {"chain": 
{"family": "inet", "table": "filter", "name": "forward", "handle": 2, "type": 
"filter", "hook": "forward", "prio": 0, "policy": "accept"}}, {"chain": 
{"family": "inet", "table": "filter", "name": "output", "handle": 3, "type": 
"filter", "hook": "output", "prio": 0, "policy": "accept"}}]}

It’s bit confusing, the man page refers to "nft export json“ and there is no 
mention about -j parameter…

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