Package: diffoscope
Version: 117
Severity: serious
Justification: autopkgtest failures and runtime failures
Usertags: origin-ubuntu eoan

Dear maintainers,

diffoscope 117 is not migratable to testing because its autopkgtests are
failing, due to runtime errors complaining about a wrong version of the
'file' command:

=================================== FAILURES ===================================
_________________________ test_text_proper_indentation _________________________

args2 = (), kwargs2 = {}

    def inner(*args2, **kwargs2):
        if args[0]:  # i.e. the condition of the skipif() is True
>           return
E           Failed: requires file >= 5.37 (5.35 detected) 

args       = (True,)
args2      = ()
kwargs2    = {}
msg        = ('requires file >= 5.37 (5.35 detected) '

tests/utils/ Failed


file 5.37 is only present in Debian experimental, and the diffoscope package
declares no dependency on file >= 5.37.

At the very least, it seems this should be a versioned test dep on file (>=
5.37), but perhaps it should also be a versioned runtime dependency.  I
haven't looked to see what the impact is of the wrong version of 'file' when

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