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> On Sun, Jun 16, 2019 at 7:30 AM Andreas Metzler 
> <ametz...@bebt.de<mailto:ametz...@bebt.de>> wrote:
>> /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/pkgconfig/dockapp.pc:
>> Requires: x11 xext xpm

>> Therefore anything build-depending on libdockapp-dev and using pkg-config
>> to locate the library will FTBFS unless it has a direct b-d on
>> libxext-dev.

>> I think the error is in the pkg-config file, not in the Debian package.
>> Since the headers of libdockapp-dev do not #include (and therefore expose)
>> headers from libxext-dev the pkg-config should have (at most)
>> Libs.private: -lext
>> instead of the requires.

> This was fixed in git upstream a while ago [1], but there hasn't been
> a new release yet.  I'll work on that soon.

Hello Douglas,

the respective patch moves "Requires: x11 xext xpm" to Requires.private.
That does not really fix the bug. pkg-config --cflags requires that not
only Requires but also Requires.private are is resolvable (even when
--static is not present) i.e. xext.pc would still need to be present.

I think this would be the correct fix:
- @echo 'Requires.private: x11 xext xpm' >> $@
+ @echo 'Requires.private: x11 xpm' >> $@
+ @echo 'Libs.private: -lext' >> $@

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