Hi Andreas,

On Mon, Jul 22, 2019 at 07:42:06PM +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
> you have at least two long standing ITPs (#813815 - r-cran-nfactors,
> #835082 - r-cran-semplot, may be others) which were turned into RFPs
> automatically.  Could you give some statement whether these packages
> might remain interesting for you and whether we should fire up
> prepare_missing_cran_package for these?

Thanks for this reminder.  For both r-cran-nfactors and r-cran-semplot there
already _is_ work in our g...@salsa.debian.org:r-pkg-team : at
r-cran-nfactors.git and r-cran-semplot.git .  So no need for
prepare_missing_cran_package for those.

I cannot commit to maintaining these packages appear in a stable Debian
release: I do all my R packaging work during $dayjob; I'm mainly interested in
keeping the packages working on Debian stable, and somewhat in sync with
upsteam.  So that's technically what would end up in debian backports.  The
reason I stick the work in git @ salsa is I feel there's a chance others might
benefit from it too.  That's the reason I've recently not been very active in
actually uploading it to NEW.

There some packages of me in our git now for which I've not yet posted ITP's.
I believe this interferes badly with some of your workflows.  Would it help you
if I actually _would_ post ITP's?  I'd be glad to.

Also, debian/copyright of most of my recent packages is still lacking.  I'll
try to find time to work on that (note to self: have another look at cme).

What do you think?



PS: thanks for your talk @ debconf, I enjoyed the video!

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