On Tue, 2019-08-13 at 13:12 +0200, Julian Andres Klode wrote:

> I think it's the wrong solution though. The correct solution is to bundle
> the offline system's state (/var/lib/apt, /var/lib/dpkg/status, /etc/apt),
> copy it to the online system, and then calculate and download the
> update/upgrade there, and copy /var/lib/apt and /var/cache/apt back.

That means that you would basically have to port apt to various
platforms where users could conceivably want to do the downloading.
I'm assuming you aren't going to want to port apt to the BSDs, Windows,
macOS, Apple OS9, Solaris, Android, iOS, Symbian, Huawei HarmonyOS etc,
which could all conceivably be the downloader system for apt-offline.

OTOH, all of these systems probably have some sort of wget-like command
or other automatic way to download files (and maybe hash them). So if
apt could export the things that need downloading, then apt-offline
could convert that to the appropriate file formats and commands needed
for downloading from almost arbitrary downloader platforms.

> Hence I'd propose to have a bundle and an unbundle command or something.

I wouldn't object to having this feature in addition to the one I
propose, but I think bundle/unbundle is only going to be useful in
situations where the downloader is running Debian/Ubuntu, which is
probably rare in random Internet cafes in Pakistan for eg.

> update is not possible. we don't know which files we'll have to
> fetch, it depends on the server response.

Hmm, apt-offline manages to do that just fine, it uses --print-uris

> ugh, no. verification is pretty complex, we don't want people to
> reimplement it.

The verification would not be the final verification, that would be
done by apt on the offline system. The verification done on the
downloader system would mainly be a convenience, to avoid another
round-trip in the case of a corrupted download etc.

> Just stuff them into partial, and run install to make it recognize
> the files are already downloaded.

Does putting them into partial do verification?

I think just stuffing into partial is the cause of bug #871656.



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