Package: installation-reports

Version: Buster

Severity: important

Dear installation package maintainers,

the current installation procedure of Buster (but also the previous versions), 
manual and graphical,
uses an inconsistent wording and is highly confusing upon installing the boot 
loader to other targets as the main harddisk. e.g. USB Disks.

During the partitioning the partition are named by the SCSI name, device name, 
size and manufacturer name.

Based on that information you choose the target for the installation.

Once all the files are written on the disc, you come into the destination 
choice of the boot loader:

The default proposal is to install the boot loader on the hard disk, but if you 
don't want that and want to have the boot loader on the USB-stick you must 
choose between ... UUIDS.

At that stage, it is very likely that the user never had taken notice of the 
UUID, and the chances are very high, that the wrong target may be entered, 
ending up with a non booting usp stick.

Please make the process easier and please, please use the same terminology than 
during the partition process.

e.g. install the boot loader to SDB #1 [partition name], 29GB

It would also be a huge improvement to propose a list of choices to install the 
boot loader that way:

 a) on the hard disk to chose between operating systems

 b) to the partition that was just installed to make a bootable medium

 c) to another partition:

      [partition list using the terminology used during the partition 

Last but not least, it would be really useful to get the choice of only 
reinstalling the boot loader right from the live CD or live USB stick.

Thank you very much for considering my request


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