Hi again,

Finally I've managed to install a fully working grub on the system. The grub 
installation process from the installer still fails, with the output attached 
to the previous message, but I found a way to install a fully functional grub 
in the system following these steps:

1) When the grub installation fails, I accepted installing grub in an external 
removable media (this, I think, makes the USB work a grub bootable device, but 
it's no longer functional as booting installer device. Since I can overwrite 
it again, it's not a big problem).

2) When booting from this new grub USB device, I only get to the grub prompt. 
I need to issue the following commands (with the right parameter values):

linux /boot/vmlinuz-image-file root=/dev/mapper/root-lvm-device quiet
initrd /boot/initrd-file

to boot the newly installed system.

3) First thing I did, after booting the system, was:

grub-install /dev/nvme0n1

which seemed to work and provided a new UEFI boot entry (which didn't require 
an external USB device), but still took me only to the grub prompt when 
booting the system.

4) After some googling and reading, I edited the file


to include the line:


and executed:


on the booted system. This finally provided a fully functional grub 
installation (it may be that adding the line in /etc/default/grub is not 
necessary, I didn't check if it worked without that).

Finally, I commented out the added line in /etc/default/grub.

I think that, in this particular case and for some reason, grub installation 
doesn't work when done from the installer (maybe I did something wrong?), but 
works if done from the newly installed system. Of course, you need to find a 
way to boot that system first.

Hope this information helps with the problem!

Josep Guerrero

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