On 2019-08-14 at 07:09:19, Philip Withnall wrote:
> In every situation where I’ve seen warnings (compile time, or run time)
> hidden from developers, those warnings have very rarely been fixed.
> Making them visible has increased the number of warnings which have
> been fixed.
> Filing bugs against applications, which point out specific warnings
> which need fixing is, I feel, a much better use of people’s time than
> inventing new and innovative ways to hide those warnings.

I've filed bugs #934790 through #934792 for some of the issues I've
seen. From what I understand of the situation, #934791 and #934792 are
likely bugs in GTK or GDK.

As previously mentioned, I'm happy if GLib learns a way to suppress or
redirect logging and that will meet my needs adequately. However, if
that's not something the GNOME developers want to do, then I'm happy to
keep sending any issues I see with GTK or GDK their way.

I'm also suggesting to maintainers of relevant bugs that
g_return*_if_fail could be patched to not warn to standard error, which
would fix the majority of these issues, and would also be a satisfactory
solution from the GLib side, although GTK would still need some
additional patching.
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