Control: severity -1 serious

Increasing severity to 'serious' since this is one of the 5 packages
what still depend on libmariadbclient18, which will soon be removed
from unstable and then render this package uninstallable. Please
rebuild and upload, so that the package will automatically be built
and depend on newest libraries (including libmariadb3 which has
replaced libmariadbclient18).

debian-sid$ apt-rdepends -r libmariadbclient18
  Reverse Depends: libdballe7 (>= 7.21-1+b1)
  Reverse Depends: libmysql++3v5 (>= 3.2.2+pristine-2)
  Reverse Depends: mosquitto-auth-plugin (>= 0.1.2-1+b1)
  Reverse Depends: stardict-tools (>= 3.0.6-0.2)
  Reverse Depends: tcl8.6-tdbc-mysql (1.1.0-2+b1)

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