Quoting Alexandre Rossi (2019-08-26 10:46:45)
> > Looks good - I just prefer having patches more tight so will tidy up 
> > the ones recently added by others than myself, then release.
> Now that the fix is in the source, there needs to be a binNMU of 
> uwsgi-plugin-php or a new upload with some basic fixes[1] I had for 
> the package.
> [1] 
> https://salsa.debian.org/uwsgi-team/uwsgi-plugin-php/commits/master

Indeed.  BinNMU won't work when dependency is arch-independent, so we 
need a sourceful upload as you've already prepared.  Great!

...and thanks for reminding me - I had totally forgotten this again.

I disagreed with you on the wording of those changes, but that's 
nitpicking.  Uploaded now.

 - Jonas

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