On Fri, 23 Aug 2019 12:08:10 +0200 Matthias Merz <matth...@merz-ka.de> wrote:
Package: gnucash
Version: 1:3.6-1
Severity: important

Dear Maintainer,

German legislation requires some changes to HBCI, rendering the HBCI
interface of gnucash 3.6-1 in Debian mostly useless due to missing

As mentioned in #934905, libaqbanking provides support to pass a
registration code starting with versions 5.8.1 (and maybe 5.7.9) -
both not yet in debian.

Also upstream gnucash (git "maint" branch) provides necessary patches
to accomplish this. (see around
for details)

Steps to silence the warnings in the HBCI dialog:

- Compile libaqbanking 5.8.1 (using the upstream tarball and the
  contents of libaqbanking_5.7.8-3.debian.tar.xz with small
  modifications to exported symbols), resulting in 5.8.1~matthias1

- build gnucash git maint branch against new libaqbanking-dev_5.8.1 -
  resulting in gnucash 1:3.6-2~matthias1 which is mentioned below.

Yet unknown: whether this allows the "strong authentication"
(two-factor with a TAN) probably required starting Sept. 14.
Legislation allows some exceptions, but still unclear, which German
bank will require which steps.

This bugreport is filed mostly to request - if possible - a solution
for buster, maybe via backports for a to-be-released 3.6.2, maybe via
stable-updates (if possible at all)?

I have already pushed libaqbanking 5.8.2 to unstable.
gnucash 3.7 has been released containing the mentioned commit.
It would be nice to get 3.7 into unstable soon since having the fix available
in testing is a perquisite to fixing it in stable.


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