the tracker page lists binaries (on the lower left side) which are in the control file, but not in the archive. Seen with the gcc-9-cross-ports package, where some packages were in the control file, accepted in an upload which went through NEW. Yes, that's a mistake, but these packages were never in the archive. So maybe check, if binary packages are really in the archive?

Seen when trying to upload a source only gcc-9-cross-ports, which was correctly rejected.

Source-only uploads to NEW are not allowed.

binary:gm2-9-powerpc-linux-gnu is NEW.
binary:gm2-9-powerpc64-linux-gnu is NEW.
binary:gm2-9-sh4-linux-gnu is NEW.
binary:gm2-9-x86-64-linux-gnux32 is NEW.
binary:libgm2-0-powerpc-cross is NEW.
binary:libgm2-0-ppc64-cross is NEW.
binary:libgm2-0-sh4-cross is NEW.
binary:libgm2-0-x32-cross is NEW.
binary:libgm2-9-dev-powerpc-cross is NEW.
binary:libgm2-9-dev-ppc64-cross is NEW.
binary:libgm2-9-dev-sh4-cross is NEW.
binary:libgm2-9-dev-x32-cross is NEW.

The second gcc-9-cross-ports-10 upload not listing these in the control file was correctly accepted.

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