Control: block 936501 by 930451
Control: block 916815 by 930451

On Fri, 30 Aug 2019 07:16:52 +0000 Matthias Klose <
> wrote:
> Package: src:fabric
> Version: 1.14.0-1
> Severity: normal
> Tags: sid bullseye
> User:

> Usertags: py2removal
> Python2 becomes end-of-live upstream, and Debian aims to remove
> Python2 from the distribution, as discussed in

> Your package either build-depends, depends on Python2, or uses
> in the autopkg tests.  Please stop using Python2, and fix this issue
> by one of the following actions.
> - Convert your Package to Python3. This is the preferred option.  In
>   case you are providing a Python module foo, please consider
>   the python-foo package, and only build a python3-foo
package.  Please
>   don't drop Python2 modules, which still have reverse dependencies,
>   just document them.
>   This is the preferred option.
> - If the package is dead upstream, cannot be converted or maintained
>   in Debian, it should be removed from the distribution.  If the
>   package still has reverse dependencies, raise the severity to
>   "serious" and document the reverse dependencies with the BTS
>   command.  If the package has no reverse dependencies, confirm that
>   the package can be removed, reassign this issue to
>   make sure that the bug priority is set to normal and retitle the
>   issue to "RM: PKG -- removal triggered by the Python2 removal".
> - If the package has still many users (popcon >= 300), or is needed
>   build another package which cannot be removed, document that by
>   adding the "py2keep" user tag (not replacing the py2remove tag),
>   using the
 user.  Also any
>   dependencies on an unversioned python package (python, python-dev)
>   must not be used, same with the python shebang.  These have to be
>   replaced by python2/python2.7 dependencies and shebang.
>   This is the least preferred option.
> If the conversion or removal needs action on another package first,
> please document the blocking by using the BTS affects command, like
>   affects <bug number of blocking py2removal bug> + src:fabric
> If there is no py2removal bug for that reverse-dependency, please
> a bug on this package (similar to this bug report).
> If there are questions, please refer to the wiki page for the
, or ask for help on IRC
> #debian-python, or the
 mailing list.

As far as I can see, the current fabric version is not compatible with
Python3, so the new version is needed (which also needs a new version
of python3-invoke).

Kind regards,
Luca Boccassi

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