control: severity -1 wishlist
control: tags -1 wontfix

Dear Svante:

By repeatedly manipulating the severity of the bug, by removing the
wontfix tag,  you are adding flames to a fire that does not need them.

We have procedures for disagreeing with a maintainer's approach to a
bug, and revert wars are not the right answer.
Revert wars of this type will always increase friction, and this
situation does not need additional friction.
I believe revert wars are almost inherently incompatible with respectful
use of the BTS.

In this particular instance, I think your message would  have been much
more constructive if you had not manipulated the bug metadata and simply
asked Michael to explain why he reduced the severity.

In a number of bugs I've seen Mark being entirely reasonable and
professional.  Before Michael can respond, others jump in and increase
the flame level significantly.  If I were Michael, I might well not want
to engage if I was going to face all that even if I were happy to try
and discuss the issue with Mark.

I'd like to try and recommend a way forward.  Have a private discussion
among the more level-headed people on both sides of this issue and see
if we can figure out what the options and possibilities are.

Explore the implications of options including:

1) relaxing this dependency

2) Finding other ways to do the upgrade

3) Accepting that the upgrade cannot be done with a desktop installed

4) Discovering that we've reached a point where we're in conflict about
Debian's interest in supporting sysvinit and that the project needs to
be asked questions

I think it would be quite valuable for people on both sides to have a
shared understanding on the implications of changes we could make even
if they don't agree on how they would balance these trade offs.

I will follow up with Michael and Mark individually and see if they
would be willing to be part of such a discussion


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