Severity: normal
Tags: buster
Usertags: pu
Control: affects -1 src:publicsuffix

Please consider an update to publicsuffix in debian buster.

This package reflects the state of the network, and keeping it current
is useful for all the packages that depend on it.

The debdiff from the previous version in buster is attached.

This proposed release is also available at the
"publicsuffix_debian/20190904.1802-0+deb10u1" tag on the "debian/buster" branch 
the git repo for publicsuffix packaging:

Please followup on this ticket to confirm whether I should upload this
revision to buster.

Attachment: ../publicsuffix_20190415.1030-1_20190904.1802-0+deb10u1.debdiff.gz
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