For the record I talked about this with Iain Lane on #debian-gnome (see attachment).

Gunnar Hjalmarsson
Conversation at #debian-gnome 2019-09-05
<GunnarHj> Hi all,
<GunnarHj> The install links in gnome-user-docs don't work on Debian.
<GunnarHj> I posted a suggestion for a fix as
<GunnarHj> Would appreciate feedback. Myself use Ubuntu normally, and Debian 
only occationally for tests.
<Laney> GunnarHj: what's that install: thing supposed to be handled by?
<Laney> sounds OK to me
<GunnarHj> Laney: Suppose you saw that GNOME Software takes care of it. Ok, 
<Laney> GunnarHj: Yeah. I was wondering how upstream intends the "install:" 
thing to work and why that doesn't for us
<GunnarHj> Laney: They say it works fine in Fedora, but I'm not able to provide 
the details.
<GunnarHj> Laney: Correction: I can provide some details on the topic. 
action="install:..." is a Yelp feature, and Shaun seemed not too surprised that 
it doesn't work for us last time we talked about it:
<GunnarHj> Besides, apt: has the advantage that we (unlike upstream GNOME) can 
keep the install buttons if publishing the docs on the web.
<Laney> fair enough

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