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        Takatsugu Nokubi <> writes:
> The following snippet is a workaround for this problem.
> Can you try it?
> We, uim maintainers, will upload new package with such fix.

I tried it on buster.
It genarates the following installed-modules.scm: (without comment)

(define installed-im-module-list '("tutcode" "anthy-utf8"))
(define installed-im-list '(tutcode anthy-utf8))
(define enabled-im-list installed-im-list)

However, I haven't installed uim-tcode. My system has only uim-anthy.

Likewise, the generated loader.scm also includes descriptions for tutcode.

Perhaps the reason is:

buster$ dpkg-query -W -f='${Status}\n' uim-tcode
dpkg-query: no packages found matching uim-tcode


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