Source: pgn2web
Version: 0.4-2
Severity: normal

I wonder if it's time to remove the pgn2web package:

* most recent commit in upstream's VCS was over 10 years ago
* last package update was 1.5 years ago
* has low popcon - inst:176 vote:8
* has no reverse dependencies (according to dak rm)
* 3 open bugs, none with any maintainer response
* I had to NMU for the last wxWidgets transition 5 years ago, and
  it's now a blocker for the current wxwidgets3.0-gtk3 transition
* RC buggy (due to wxwidgets3.0-gtk3 transition) and due to be AUTORMed
  from testing on 2019-10-19

If there are no objections within two weeks, I'll turn this into an RM


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