Guillem Jover writes:
> On Thu, 2019-10-10 at 08:15:07 +0200, Ansgar wrote:
>> With the first binNMU the changelog used 5.2.17+1+b1 as the version
>> and this caused disagreement between different parts of dpkg.
>> dpkg-source generates linux-signed-amd64_5.2.17+1+b1.dsc, but
>> dpkg-genchanges strips the trailing +b1 from the version:
>> I'll suggest to work around this by mangling the version a bit more
>> and use .b1 instead of +b1, but the disagreement seems to be a bug in
>> dpkg.
> It looks to me that the problem might actually be the missing
> binary-only=yes key/value in the changelog header though, which the
> original should have? Could you check whether that would completely
> fix this?

It should generate a new *source* package, it is not binary-only.
dpkg-source does do so.

But dpkg-genchanges seems to (still) use the heuristic stripping the +bX
from versions instead of using the binary-only key (which is not present

I think either:

 - dpkg-source should refuse to generate source packages using
   binNMU version numbers (that trigger the heuristic that other parts
   of dpkg use), or
 - dpkg-genchanges should be able to generate changes files for source
   packages that use versions ending in +bX (provided no binary-only is
   set); i.e. stop using heuristics and instead rely on the binary-only


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