Source: objcryst-fox
Severity: normal

I think it's time to remove the objcryst-fox package:

* appears to be unmaintained in Debian:
  - 3 open bugs, none with any maintainer response
  - last maintainer upload was over 8 years ago
  - several newer unpackaged upstream releases (it's a bit unclear
    exactly what's most recent, but 2017.2 according to: )
  - upstream says the currently packaged version doesn't work well with
    wxwidgets3.0 -
    - and apparently segfaults as a result.
* last upload (NMU by me for the previous wxwidgets3.0 transition) was
  over 5 years ago
* hasn't been in testing due to RC bugs since early 2017 due to a FTBFS
  bug which has had a patch to fix it attached for nearly 2 years
* extremely low popcon - inst:5 vote:0
* has no reverse dependencies (according to dak rm)

If there are no objections within two weeks, I'll turn this into an RM


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