For anyone looking for a workaround with Exim, I have been using the
`tmo` option of the `malware` action. This allow to customize the
timeout for the AV scanner.

diff --git a/exim4/check_data_local_acl b/exim4/check_data_local_acl
index 538f3a9..4013b35 100644
--- a/exim4/check_data_local_acl
+++ b/exim4/check_data_local_acl
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ deny

 # Antivirus scan
-    malware = *
+    malware = * / tmo=5m
     message = This message was detected as possible malware

This option is documented here:

Baptiste BEAUPLAT - lyknode

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