Hi Jesper,

On  Fr 08 Nov 2019 17:12:10 CET, Jesper Mejervik Derander wrote:

Hi Mike,

On 2019-11-08 15:32, Mike Gabriel wrote:
Control: tags -1 pending

Hi Jesper, hi Martin,

On  Fr 08 Nov 2019 14:12:07 CET, Jesper Mejervik Derander wrote:

Hi Mike,

There is now a new version ready for review. I have
remade the repo from scratch in order to get a
proper dep14 structure and correct upstream git
history so please re-clone before you check it.

All your review comments should have been addressed
including adding you and Martin as uploaders.

I hope everything is in order for an upload now. I've
already released and tagged 3.34.0-1. Would be great
to get it uploaded to the NEW queue asap. We can make
further minor improvements while waiting for the

The repo can now be moved to the debian group.
Should be possible just by clicking fork and
selecting the debian namespace. Please add me
as a member on the new repo.

I just uploaded gnome-firmware to Debian NEW, created the official Git
repo under [1] and also pushed some more follow-up commits.

Jesper, please note that I removed the release tag again. The ftp
masters have the last word no NEW package uploads and it makes no
sense tagging a release, if the package has not yet landed in
unstable. Also, your tag pointed to a debian/changelog that still had
'UNRELEASED' at its very top (instead of 'unstable').

Thus, let's wait for the ftpmasters to ACK the upload and then add the
tag pointing to commit 0df7877f1fe452bb6cc23f824142e28b091fd6b7 [2].

Greets + Thanks!

[1] https://salsa.debian.org/debian/gnome-firmware/

Ok, I see no reason to remove the upstream tag though, but I guess it
doesn't matter since it points to upstream/latest.

I just had forgotten to push the initial upstream tag. That one has been pushed now.

I noticed that the package in the NEW queue doesn't contain your changes
to the control file but perhaps that doesn't

No, I spotted those issues only after upload, but as you said: we can dput a follow-up upload once the package has fallen out of NEW.

Also could you give me access to the debian/gnome-firmware repo?

Sure. Done. Martin Wimpress also has access to the repo now.

Thanks for sponsoring and uploading! :)

My pleasure. If you have any other packages you need a reviewer for, please let me know (I will probably not review any kind of package, but there is a chance, I am interested in the work you do).



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