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On Fri, 2019-11-08 at 14:04 +0100, Mike Gabriel wrote:
I have just NMU'ed (with delay of 15 days) iio-sensor-proxy 2.8-0.1
to Debian unstable to upgrade from the really old 2.4-2. I have been
playing with GNOME on table the last couple of days and found the old
version of iio-sensor-proxy being the cause for non-100%-working gyro
support in Dell Venue 8 Pro tables.

Welcome aboard to trying a Free Setup on a tablet or 2-in-1
convertible. I would be interested to know of your impressions of this
use case.

I will respond to this in a PM.

Furthermore, I have migrated the packaging Git of iio-sensor-proxy to

Thanks for doing that. But can you please push the tags there ?

Yes, I can. Sorry, I had forgotten that. I have pushed all previous tags, but not the tag / commit for the current upload waiting in DELAYED/15.

Are you ok with the NMU? Or will you prepare an official upload with a latest upstream release?

... and update Vcs-* fields in d/control accordingly.

Please let me know, if I should cancel the delayed upload. I'll be
happy to do so.

I put a comment on one of the commits you made, where in you dropped
the dependency on package systemd. Lets see how the Gitlab Salsa
communication workflow is like :-)

Ok, I'll reply there.

But allow me to repeat the same question here:
Have you tested the setup without systemd ?

No, I have not. Still hard-depending on systemd is not a good practice. Because it unnecessarily complexifies the dependency tree in Debian. I moved systemd to Suggests: instead to signal that it would be good having iio-sensor-proxy running on systemd.

Suppose, someone wants to test the iio-sensor-proxy without systemd, then the dev can directly install the package and test. I in fact hope for a time when Debian will be usable again with other init systems (see the currently being prepared GR).

So, I agree with Laurent Bigonville, that systemd should be removed from Depends: more for a package dependency tree reason rather then technical reasons.


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