El jue., 7 nov. 2019 a las 2:57, Nicholas D Steeves
(<nstee...@gmail.com>) escribió:
> Hi Olaf and Dima,
> Dima, if it's alright with you can I please take care of this bug?
> I've head I need an RC Bug NMU process for the "demonstrates skills
> and knowledge of process" section of my eventual DD application.

Sorry, I missed above part of your mesage. Just read the part below

> If Dima give the go-ahead I'll investigate if this would be approved
> for a stable update.  It seems like it would be, because RC bugs like
> this aren't supposed to be solved using backports.

and thought you were someone helping the ftpmaster team and knowing
about their procedures.

Since I already sent some patches, they can be a starting point for
your work. Feel free to modify them at your convenience.



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