Control: severity -1 normal
Control: tag -1 + moreinfo

12.01.2020 18:37, peter green wrote:
> Package: qemu-block-extra
> Version: 1:4.2-1
> Severity: serious
> The binary packages built from the ceph source package were recently removed 
> from mipsel, because the new version of ceph runs out of address space
> during the build. Your package build-depends on libradios-dev and librbd-dev 
> and depends on librados2 and librbd1 which are built from the ceph source
> package. So qemu-block-extra is now uninstallable and the qemu source package 
> is unbuildable on mipsel.

Hm. For the start, I see that new ceph packages are being built on mips/mips64
right now as I write this. So things aren't that simple, at least.

Next, even if we're now uninstallable on some architecture, it is definitely not
our fault, so I don't see why this bugreport is of serious severity. Also, it 
nothing to do with this particular version of qemu, either.  And more, it has
nothing to do with qemu-block-extra package, too, even if that's the only pkg
which actually uses the library in question, -- we _build_-depend on 
too, so it is qemu source which FTBFS on mips.

So far I don't quite understand what's going on with ceph on mips, hence adding
a "moreinfo" tag. We shouldn't drop optional features on different architectures
easily, or else it would quickly become a mess, not understanding which features
of which packages are enabled on which architecture (I speak here about general
debian, not about this particular (pair of) package).

> The librados-dev and librbd-dev build-dependencies are arch-qualified as 
> linux-any, which suggests building with rbd support is optional. If possible
> please build your package without rados/rbd support on mipsel.

It _is_ possible ofcourse, but it requires to list every other architecture
explicitly, for the start. At least I want to be compatible with ceph here,
to have the same list as ceph has in their d/control file.



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