Nuitka is very much ported to Python3 for a long time. I have done the
changes to the packaging, which remove Python2 dependencies for Bullseye
and Sid, but I wanted to keep the packaging working for Wheezy and higher,
so this took more time.

Nuitka has been not building due to rst2pdf failures for 4 months prior to
this, only very recently this build dependency was fixed. Scons was never
blocking, since Nuitka doesn't care about it.

My debian Sid builds of Nuitka still seem to pull in scons and python2 with
it, but I trust that nothing of scons really matters to me there. Note that
Nuitka is used with Python3 scons a lot for years now.

Question fro me: I am also upstream of the package. Do we need a
pre-release of Nuitka right now? Or would be be OK if I continue upstream
work for 1-2 weeks more, and make this a more complete release, where I
also cover a few more open points of Python 3.8 compatibility? Otherwise I
could also (ask my sponsor to) upload in 2-3 days.

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