Dear SRMs,

On 19-11-23 18:20:08, Julien Cristau wrote:
> That looks fine to me.  Go ahead.

Reading debian-release@l.d.o [1] it seems that the date for 10.3 is not yet
settled. Therefore: Would it be possible to still extend the already
accepted proposed-update, at this point in time?

We just did a sprint upstream and fixed several annoying bugs:

  - Add missing List-Id header to notification mails sent to admins:
    This should help with filtering such messages, which is currently
    not easy to do in a reliable way. [2]

  - Default to ASCII-8BIT encoding for external data:
    This should ensure we are able to handle incoming mails in different
    character sets. Currently, depending on the environment, which
    differs for example between Postfix and Exim, Schleuder may run into
    a fatal error due to "invalid byte sequence in US-ASCII". [3]

  - Handle various exceptions due to decryption problems gracefully:
    Handle incoming mails encrypted to an absent key, using symmetric
    encryption or containing PGP-garbage in a more graceful manner:
    Don't throw an exception, don't notify (and annoy) the admins,
    instead inform the sender of the mail how to do better. [4]

The problems in question were reported upstream, not (yet) in the Debian
BTS. The proposed code changes are minimal, targeted, guarded by tests
and validated in production.

I did not prepare an updated package yet, but could do so at short
notice, providing a proper diff as well.

Thanks for your work,


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