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Dear all
When the website builds */devel/wnpp folder, there is a RFH bug that generates a
malformed URI, and thus producing several "Tidy validation failed" messages each
day, of the type:

*** /srv/
line 182 column 136 - Warning: <a> escaping malformed URI reference

The HTML code generated by the english/devel/wnpp/ script is like this 

 <li><a href="";>pgq, pgqd, pgq-node, python-pgq,
python-skytools, londiste: Queuing for PostgreSQL</a>, (<a
href=", pgqd, pgq-node, python-pgq,
python-skytools, londiste">package info</a>),
requested 50 days ago.

Such info is extracted from the RFH bug report #945468, with subject:

RFH: pgq, pgqd, pgq-node, python-pgq, python-skytools, londiste -- Queuing for

I guess the issue is that the 'name' of the package extracted from the bug
contains blanks and semicolons.

I'm not sure how to solve this. Things that come to mind:
1.- asking the maintainer to file a RFH bug per package.
2.- somebody to improve script to take care about these things (sorry, I
have no spoons/skills for that).
3.- Any other idea?

For now, I'm filing this bug report so the issue is registered and we can point
translators/web team members to this info if they ask about the Tidy validation
failed messages.

Kind regards,

Laura Arjona

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