Hi Shengjing,

On 13-02-2020 10:34, Shengjing Zhu wrote:
> I probably don't understand what happens.

I may not have been the best in describing the situation.

> The package to be tested is src:panicparse, and it builds
> bin:golang-github-maruel-panicparse-dev and bin:panicparse.

The latest version of your package failed to build from source:

> Now the logs says it can't find golang-github-maruel-panicparse-dev.

I believe that that's due to the right version not being available
because it wasn't built.

> Is there any change in debci/autopkgtest recently? I think such
> problem hasn't occurred previously, and the code in autopkgtest-pkg-go
> hasn't been changed for a long time.

I think the problem is with the FTBFS on arch:all, as the topic of this
bug tells you.


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