Package: node-carto
Followup-For: Bug #826560


since I needed this at $WORK and am also personally interested in this as an
OSM contributor and Debian user, I took a closer look at the current state. It
basically seems to require work on three packages:
* node-chroma-js [1,2]: The WIP packaging from [2] doesn't seem to work even
  though node-catty is in e.g. Buster now. It seems that upstream used their own
  fork of node-catty, which added Coffescript support, and without that, the
  package cannot be built. However, in the meantime, upstream [3] seems to have
  changed to a different build system (Rollup) and also seems to use plain
  JavaScript now, so if no package that provides a variant that works in a
  browser has to be built (that would require some additional Rollup-extensions
  as build-time dependencies that are not in Debian, but Rollup itself is),
  'simply' installing the source files from the upstream repo to the correct
  location might get this done.
* hsluv: This is a new dependency of carto, so that needs to be packaged. There
  is a (dormant) ITP for the Python-version of HSLUV [4], but that seems to use
  a different and modified source than the JavaScript version (that gets built
  from the reference implementation that is written in Haxe [5], seems this was
  done with the Python version as well, but it was then further modified).
  The Haxe compiler that is in Debian is able to build the hsluv source code.
  Unfortunately, they don't seem to have anything like tags or source code
  releases, which is probably a bit tedious when packaging it. This seems to be
  a replacement/successor of node-husl which was in Debian before.
* node-carto [6]: Once the above packages are done, node-carto can be updated
  to the latest upstream [7] release (1.2.0).

If anybody wants to continue working on this, I can push the prototypical
packaging that works for me somewhere, e.g. Salsa. The packaging is either
based on the existing repos on Salsa (node-chroma-js [2], node-carto [6]) or
contains a new package (hsluv). This packaging attempt is likely far from good
enough to be directly used in Debian, but I guess it could serve as an
'inspiration' and to get a 'lower bound' for the work that is required to get
an updated node-carto package.

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