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Hi.  I hope you appreciate me writing to your non-Debian address with
this.  You may wish to update the bug submitter.

Dmitry Bogatov writes ("Bug#924269: chiark-really: providing bin:sudo"):
> No, since problem is with debian packages relationships. And, by the
> way, /sbin/really does not set PATH. Note, that I do not propose
> complicating bin:chiark-really, I propose separate binary package with
> tiny wrapper.

I was going through chiark-utils bugs and noticed I hadn't replied to
this.  Sorry.

Your suggestion makes sense and I would accept patches.  Preferably as
a git branch - you can find the git history with `dgit clone' - but
any other format would be welcome.

Since I wouldn't use this feature myself I don't currently intend to
implement it myself.


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