Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I intend to orphan the zvbi package.

The package description is:
 Television broadcasts use the VBI to transmit text such as closed captioning
 (NTSC), Teletext (PAL/SECAM), and now Intercast and the ATVEC Internet
 television encodings.  The zvbi library is used to capture and decode raw
 VBI data.
 This package contains the following utilities:
  * zvbid, a proxy for VBI devices. It forwards VBI data streams to one or
    more connected clients and manages channel change requests.
  * zvbi-atsc-cc, a command-line utility that captures  ATSC TV transmissions
    using a Linux DVB device and decodes the enclosed Closed Caption data.
    It can record both NTSC caption (EIA 608-B) and DTVCC caption (CEA 708-C).
  * zvbi-chains, a wrapper which executes the VBI application given on the
    command line while overloading several C library calls so that the
    application can be forced to access VBI devices via the VBI proxy instead
    of device files directly.
  * zvbi-ntsc-cc, a command-line utility for decoding and capturing closed
    captioning (CC) for NTSC and webtv.

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