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On Tue 2019-11-12 21:36:05 +0100, G. Milde wrote:

> After updating to Buster, Balsa does no longer show HTML parts of mails.
> If the mail is mulitpart, text+mail, the text is visible.
> If the mail is just HTML, there is no text in the main window.
> Workaround: The text is visible in the editor window, when clicking "reply".

I used the attached message to replicate the behavior with the version
of balsa in buster (2.5.6-2).  However, it seems to be fixed with 2.5.9,
which i'm about to upload to experimental.

Attached is the sample e-mail i used for the test, and screenshots from
2.5.6 and 2.5.9.



--- Begin Message ---
Title: Here is a title

This is a test HTML message

Can we do bold?

--- End Message ---

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