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The new repository[1] that was supposedly fixing this bug report
doesn't even include the upstream sources (or their git history).
It's a plain packaging repo with only the debian/ directory.
I don't see how that's supposed to fulfil the need for you to
become your own uptream. You most likely want to create a fork
from the archived gnome repo[2].

Also please pick a (new) name for your fork as it's *not* THE
gnome-system-tools (anymore), unless you actually talk to the gnome
project to officially pick up as the gnome maintainer (but I suspect
at this point there's absolutely no interest from the gnome project to
have gnome-system-tools revived).

(Once a proper upstream fork exists, packaging that under the new name
and providing a transitional gnome-system-tools meta-package will give
current users a seemless upgrade experience.)

(Please also make sure to look into all the deprecated notices that is
being spit out during build. Those will likely become an issue in the
not too distant future. But first you might want to reconsider if you
really have the resources for taking on the task of becoming your own

Andreas Henriksson


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